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Giving You The Freedom To Build The Life And Business You Love

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Support for the

business owners

The digital space is always evolving and changing; it can be hard to keep up - that's where we come in!

Do you know that your business needs a social media presence but just don't know how you will find the time?

Do you love the idea of social media for your business, but just have no idea where to even start?

Do you just want someone to take care of it for you so you can focus on doing what you love and actually spend your time working in your business?

We got you!

We will bend over backwards to bring more opportunity to your business. You’ll have a team working behind the scenes to create your content, implement customised social media strategies, develop campaigns, curate your content + so SO much more.

We lead with integrity, quality, innovation + creativity

We believe in the power that social media marketing has to take small businesses to new heights... and are here to support our fellow business owners to unlock this potential!


Support for the aspiring business owners

It’s safe to say there has never been a better time in history to create a thriving online business.

How do we know this? Well in the past couple of years alone the search ‘how to start an online business’ has skyrocketed on google by 600% 😮 

Let's face it...

Income security is no longer a thing and people are looking for ways to supplement, diversify or replace their current income streams.

Gone are the days where people want to sacrifice their own time to build someone else's dreams.

People are tired of living the typical 9-5 lifestyle.. they want more... 

Going online is no longer a luxury…

It’s become a necessity.

Want to know more about how I support driven women to create their own online brand, business and income online 👇 


Hi there! I'm Kirra.

Your new business bestie 💕

I started my journey in 2018 when my return from maternity leave was looming (I was working as a HR Co Ordinator in the mining industry at the time), but I always knew I wanted the FREEDOM to work online and live a laptop lifestyle, I just never knew where to start. I started taking courses and researching different businesses but nothing felt right.. until I was introduced to Social Media Management by a friend who recommended an epic course...

And thats when Savvy Social Co was born. I took so many courses online to refine my skills and started freelancing online to provide FREEDOM to clients and completely found my jam! I absolutely LOVED it!

About 12 months into my online journey I felt the pull to support others to create the freedom for themselves to and I added Online Business Coaching to my services. Since then I have been able to provide FREEDOM to not only current entrepreneurs, but aspiring entrepreneurs as well. And now I spend my time working with incredible soul aligned clients and coaching women on how to create, grow and scale high profit online businesses for themselves and businesses that are completely aligned with their lifestyles!

I come alongside small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to help design their own intentional, manageable and profitable business that allows them to experience the freedom they’ve been craving.

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