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How Can We Help You?

Social Media Management

Social Media can be a goldmine for businesses that use it strategically.

If you know that Social Media is important but just can’t imagine when you’re going to find the time to do it properly.

We can do it for you AND we’ll do it right!

SSC do not offer copy and paste packages, we customise Social Media Management packages for our clients needs

Facebook Advertising

Social Media is still the-single-most-powerful Marketing tool available to us.

Now more than ever, if you intend to stand out on social media, it is SO important to up skill within the world of paid social media marketing.

Whether you have no experience with FB ads, or you’re seeking professional and strategic training on how to optimise your campaigns....

We’ve got it covered – so ask us how today!

Custom Social Strategies

So you have a Facebook & an Instagram Page - Great!!

But do you know why and how to use it to market your business effectively?

Savvy Marketing can ensure you know exactly what you need to be doing and ensure you have a sound Social Media Strategy to implement so you can maximise R.O.I.

Social Media Training

If you love to learn, then we can “show you how to fish” in the big Social Media pond. 

We provide Social Media Training and Consulting so that you learn as much as you’d like to confidently manage your marketing.

Some Of The Social Media Savvy Businesses That We've Already Helped

I enlisted the help of Kirra and Savvy Social Co to really help me with my social media management, lead generation for challenges and membership drives, different marketing tasks and content creation.

Before having Kirra and co working on my social media I really felt like I was drowning in everything. I had plenty of content – but no idea how to package it in such a way that would have leads reaching out to me to buy my services intentionally – everything was just hit and miss. On slower days – I struggled to find things to post about and all I wanted to do was be focusing on what I do best – running my company whilst allowing someone else to take my vision and really create it into an online brand and marketing that worked for me! It just wasn’t my area.

I enjoyed working with Kirra and team because they really had a way of encapsulating the vision I spoke to her about and then putting it into creative content that I feel really sounded authentic and had our customers feel like they were still interacting with me – not some marketing company. I like the friendly and relatable approach Kirra has when meeting with me about my ideas, she has me feel heard and understood and always has bright new ideas that I wouldn’t necessarily have come up with. I really highly recommend her and I will continue to use her services into the future as she has exceeded my expectations.


Before I had my first meeting with Kirra I was flying blind and just posting as to my social media without really thinking about the message and the marketing.

As a busy business owner I was finding it really hard to find the time to market my offers and increase my brand reach.

Kirra and team are very focussed and tech savvy I loved the fact she would provide me with a calendar so I could manage my in store promotions and marketing to match my up and coming social media posts and marketing campaigns.

My mind was really put at ease and I had time freed up to focus on what I was good at while Savvy media took care of my social media.

I really just had alot of peace of mind, Savvy Social Co is amazing and they really helped to move our new business forward.


Working with Kirra this last year has been an absolute game changer for me.

I have so much more time and far more headspace now that I’m not worrying about what I am going to post today.

More than the headspace though I am loving how good our channels are all looking and many of our guests comment that they booked our tour after seeing our Instagram page especially.

I went from feeling overwhelmed to super proud, thank you for helping us showcase our brand on socials better than we ever could Kirra.


Social Media - The Right Way For You

Profit with Social Media

Get new fans & customers who keep coming back for more with effective Social Media Marketing.

Professional Design

Our designers will create a socially engaging look and feel for your brand so you get noticed!

Strategic Social Media

We consult with you to learn about the obstacles & challenges you face with social media management and determine your goals.

Social Media Just Got Easier!

Technical Set Up

We make things easy by taking care of all the geeky stuff for you :)

Facebook Marketing

Grow your fan base AND your email list at the same time. Create a community behind your brand!

Management or Training?

Social Media Management and Social Media Training options to suit your needs.


Social Media Management Just Got Easier!

Solutions Specifically Designed For Your Business.


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